Creating this website was a great experience, not only in full design, but working with the client to get what they wanted.

Logo Design

Logo Design is fun but also a challenge. This was no exception when it came to getting a design that was right for a Mil-Sim/Airsoft Team.


I have been playing Airsoft for years now, the team I below to ODA-865 needed to get a site in order to grow and get the team name out their. What better way then to build a website for our team (ODA-865). I love the color scheme we picked, and overall the main logo design that when into both patches. We wanted to keep that theme on the website and through everything else we did as well. A great site, took some time to get it right, but its always a work in progress when you have members wanting to create content to place on the site and to do blog posts and so forth.

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