Answers to some of my most frequently asked questions.
What can or will you do?
Well, I do a good bit, I work full time for a Mortgage Company. I have a passion and joy for building and designing beautiful websites that not only look good but function just as good. My projects including everything from ground up website building, website redesigns, mobile functionality, branding and logo design, SEO and more. I cover a large range of web and print design services. The Web Design includes everything from website development, mobile/responsive design, SEO, hosting and expertise in WordPress. Print Design includes everything from small print designs like business cards, letterheads, brochures, and flyers to large vector designs like banner stands, large signs, logo’s, billboards, posters and more. For more information on what I can help you with check out my services page.
Do you have a hourly rate?
My services are catered to my client’s needs, time frames and functionality. Every project is different so we normally handle projects at a fixed rate. Currently, what I charge is $25/hr at a minimum of a 4-hour retainer.

Once we complete your website design and it’s live, I offer to handle content changes, edits and graphic work done at $25/hr.

How much does a typical website cost from you?
This is normally the first question people want to ask so why not be upfront with you. But before I can just give you a price there are always questions to be asked and answered.

  • What are the main goals of your website?
  • Who is going to be your targeted audience, everyday people, or a paticular group?
  • What type of functionalities will you need to have for your site?
  • Will you need custom graphics and pictures designed?

Please remember a website is not just a large cost that you might see, it’s going to be a huge investment for a long period of time. So you want it to be right and feel great, as well as appeal to your clients, ready to get started, then click here to fill out a questionnaire and I can get a quote ready for you.

In general, my projects will hit the wallet (or checkbook whatever you prefer) anywhere between $500 – $5,000 depending on the entire scope of the project at hand, functionality, the number of pages, etc. I will also work close with you the client to maintain a good understanding of how the site will work, updating items, making changes, adding posts and more. If the client does not want to take care of the updates and posts then I can take care of that for you, but I do charge an hourly fee for maintaining and updating content.

If you’re still wanting to stay in the cheap/free market, then I would recommend using something totally free and something you can work with on your own if you want to do that, try a website builder like Wix or SquareSpace.

Do you offer hosting services?
I do offer hosting services that are charged monthly or yearly. If you would like to handle the hosting yourself you can as well, I will just need login credentials from you to access where you have the site hosted. I recommend using (this is an affiliate link) Dreamhost. It’s a great service provide that I host all of my website’s on as well as client sites.

I will also drop some other affiliate links below for different types of hosting. They off a few types and they are all great plans and pricing. So be sure to check out their plans via their main (this is an affiliate link) website link here.

All of the listed links below are affiliate links.

Please remember the links above are Affilate Referral links for my DreamHost Account so they will help me in the long run, and you will get awesome hosting services provided to you as well as support. If you would like to get a quote for a website then please click here to fill out a questionnaire and I can get a quote ready for you.

How does the process work?

Web Design

Web design projects start with your online goals. I will talk to you about your needs and questions then develop a mock-up/look as to how your website will look and feel, how it will engage your clientele and more importantly, how it will represent you.

Logo Design

The logo design process starts with research. I find out about your business, your goals, your vision and then I look at your competition. Once I have found this information out and feel comfortable with the information I will work to make your logo design, and try to make multiple versions. You’ll receive jpg’s/PDF’s of the first mockups via email. Once the design is approved, you’ll receive a full logo package with different file formats for web and print.

Print Design

The print design process is similar to that of the logo design process. I look at your needs and work toward designing creative materials that represent you well. Initial designs are sent via email for edits and approval. The editing process continues until the product design is completed to your satisfaction. All files are then finalized, formatted and ready to be sent to print, whether you want to have your printers do them, or my local printers.

How does the process work?
I will handle all of the design, color management, and file preparation, all printing is outsourced to the local company’s or any company you would like to work with.
What is the turn around time?
For web design, pending that all information is clearly communicated up front, I will try to get the homepage and sub-pages ready for review within 10-20 days sometimes less. Once the design and layout are approved by you, then I move forward with the rest of the site. The majority of my website design projects last between 30-60 days.

For print design, Once you have a design or we come to terms with a design idea, I will start the process of getting it designed out digitally to be used virtually anywhere. You’ll receive jpg or pdf images via email to view for any input and adjustments or corrections that you may have. This process continues until you are happy with the design, then we can move on to getting it ready for print.

How do you handle payments?
All of the projects will require 50% up front and 50% upon completion. Payment must be made in full before items are sent to printed or published to the web. A check is preferable, but Visa, MasterCard, and Discover are accepted as well through PayPal. You will need to use PayPal when making a payment online, once the full 100% payment has been received then your items will be uploaded and ready to go.

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