Just a little something about me the Web Developer and Graphic Designer.

Cody & Caitlin

Owner & Developer/Graphic Designer


Head of Security


The only one that gets to sleep.

My name is Cody Wilson, live in Knoxville, TN with my beautiful and super loving wife Caitlin and our two dogs Mika and Bently.  I have enjoyed graphic design for a very long time, and with that I have also had the passion to build websites along with those graphic skills.  I first started out teaching myself on the old CS3 Photoshop and have worked my way to using the Adobe Creative Cloud CC, along with Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Premiere Pro, After Effects, and a few others.  Mostly self taught I’m always learning and watching others to do see they design and try to learn from them.  I have been designing sites for years now I think about 8 to be exact but mostly with html/css only until I came across WordPress and this is when my passion for create sites hit home.    If you have questions about logo design, web sites, or anything else please feel free to ask!

Mika is an Alaskan Malamute, and a dog that loves to sleep, cuddle, and sing.  A pure Alaskan Malamute, mika is the guard dog of Cody Wilson Design.  She handles everything from letting us know when someone is outside, a car starts up, someone is walking by our house or when another dog is outside.  She is my very first dog that I have owned on my own.  A very loving dog and one that takes care of her bigger brother in age (smaller brother in size).

Bently is the ultimate lap dog and best co-dogie a person could have.  Sits confidently in your lap while working on websites and doing graphic design.  He’s also a big guard dog at heart and leads mika on the case security is needed for any outside intruders, but overall hes normally sleeping or spending time in your lap but a good boy.

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